Monday, 19 October 2009

Forex Profit Accelerator

Dear Trader,

(Don't place another Forextrade until you READ ALL THIS)

The bar for Forex training is about to be raised again......because one of the top Forex mentors has just released the March, 2009 update to one of his most popular multimedia training "kits" that challenges 90% of what most Forex traders hold to be true.

It might "ruffle your feathers", but if you have ANY interest in discovering how select groups of traders have been quietly riding the coat tails of the big banks to maximize their "pip potential" in the Forex markets...

-I think you're in for a big SURPRISE.


If a 30+ year seasoned trader grilled you on your top Forex challenges and then delivered a custom-made, step-by-step, multimedia "blueprint" that addressed each and every one...
-do you think you'd be interested?

Well, that's pretty much what you're about to get your hands on. Just last week, over 100,000 Forex traders were invited to take part in a landmark survey about their top challenges trading the Forex markets.

And the result?

* A four-part multimedia POWERHOUSE that ignores what's popular, and instead tells you the TRUTH about what's working NOW in the Forex markets... It's called the 'Forex 4-Pack', and honestly, you shouldn't even consider placing another trade until you see what it reveals...


Find out how the author spends just 20 minutes a day with TOTAL confidence in the Forex markets, identifying more pip potential in that time than most traders dare to dreamabout...
You'll also learn:

** How to "shake out" the good Forex brokers from the unscrupulous ones. Many brokers won't be prepared when you ask them these 5 questions (part 1, page 16, & part 4).

** The "core essentials" of Forex trading that will let you "leapfrog" over other traders, giving you a "fast track" that would otherwise take months, or years to achieve (part 2).

** The 4 "golden rules" your Forex trading method MUST follow if you want to have an edge over all other traders (part 1, page 58).

** The "insiders formula" on how to determine the best mix of technical indicators to use when trading Forex pairs (part 1, page 27).

** Step-by-step tactics for applying the "Optimal Profit Exit Strategy". This is a deadly accurate way of enjoying profit-taking as quickly as possible (part 1, page 37).

** The 4 market conditions that you should avoid at all costs and that practically eradicate risk (part 3).

** How to drastically reduce your "time in the trenches" trading Forex by spending only 20 minutes a day. These 2 discoveries make it all possible (part 1, page 70).

**, there's a TON more you'll get to sink your teeth into when you get the '4-Pack'...


When I snuck a look at the 'Forex 4-Pack', I was certain I'd be asked to cough up 150 bucks or more for it. After all, it's not one of those flimsy 10-page "ebooks" many so-called"gurus" try to pass of as "value" these days...

-Instead, it's a collection of lengthy reports, "screen capture" video tutorials, and more... there's even a "Broker Scorecard" that your broker might have a hard time with. Bottom line - it's all designed to PROTECT YOU and to HELP YOU FIND MORE PIPS, with more FREQUENCY.
That's why I was surprised to find out that...

-it's not for sale (at least not right now).

You see, the author released an early version of just one of the pieces to this '4 Pack' last year and he was overwhelmed by the response he received from the trading community.

So that's why he decided to give it away. In his own words, "I want to de-mystify the Forex markets once and for all. So I sat down to produce this material as if I was under oath, being grilled by an attorney. That's how direct and forthcoming it is."


To get your copy, just visit this web page right now:


I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Good Trading,

Emmanuel K.

P.S. This is a TON of material. Take your time and read it all, but hurry and download it. Why? Because it's so large, it could be taken offline at any moment if the author's web server "bandwidth" gets eaten up with all the requests for the '4-Pack'. You can get it here: